Dear All!

It is our campaign, our chance to have our voice heard! Please remember – it doesn’t matter what party we represent! We are fighting for the future of all of us!

Deadline for consultation responses now officially has been extended until 19th November 2018.

Don’t waste your chance! Have your say!

20/10/18 – Fantastic campaign session in Borough Green this afternoon followed by a walk around Basted Mill Public Open Space. So fortunate to have these green spaces at my doorstep.

Borough Green Garden City (BGCC)

Borough Green Garden City Plans

BGGC Mass housing plan – our team have already put up the outline plan for you but requests coming in for clarification of the area up for the concrete and bulldozers to move in over what would be a 15 year plan. The 4,000 houses would be inside the black outline. The red line is the housing estate relief road to get the thousands of cars out onto the A25 at Ightham and Wrotham. The A25 already takes 18,000 vehicles a day with 8,000 up Western Road to Wrotham and 10,000 travel past the Crossroads chip shop towards Platt. We won’t mention the air pollution levels from TMBC tonight. Enough for one day. Many locals is not on our distribution lists so please pass and share this onto them folks. BGGC West Kent.