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Conflict of generations

today's youthFew years back child psychologist told me something like “there are no difficult kids, but difficult adults”. I think it’s a great sentence that shows how we should deal with problems concerning our kids.

Teachers also often complain about difficult teenagers. We have shifted proportions – schools are spending more time on raising our kids instead teaching them. Why? Because us, parents, expect that schools will do everything for us. So teachers to deliver their main purpose which is teaching first need to get order in the classroom. Lack of order is not their fault – it’s ours. How can we deal with this problem? We have to try to understand adolescent teenagers and their needs, which will allow to find a common thread of understanding. Let’s try to look at the world through the eyes of a young person and take an attitude of openness,  let’s treat them seriously. We need to be ready to have open conversations with them, anywhere, regardless the circumstances, always. We need to find time for our kids as they need us. If we won’t make that time our kids will find it somewhere else with somebody else, not necessary doing good things.

I think that discipline is of course needed, but authoritarianism won’t help us. Teens will be breaking the rules and codes and they will continue to do so. We all have been there, we all were teenagers – adolescence is the time when we search for our identity, the time of contestation of authorities, the time of idealism – we think that everything will be fine in our life. We were defining our “I”. Let’s help our kids to go through this process, to understand themselves.

But how we are behaving to get our kids disciplined? Probably only by using bans and orders. We often talk to the child the way we would not expect them to talk to us. That way we are losing connection with them…sometimes for good. Very often bad behaviour is the way our child manifests that he feels rejected, misunderstood and unloved, to get more attention from us – parents. We need to learn to admit in front of them that we are making mistakes, that we are not perfect. Let’s praise them, let’s encourage them to do something good for our community, let’s make them feel loved and needed!

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning in Borough GreenWith warmer months just around the corner, spring cleaning isn’t far away. Whether you want to clear some of the winter clutter or just feel like a change in scenery is needed, big cleaning operation can make it happen. Soon it will be the perfect time to clean out your garage, basement or garden. With all of the changes that you will be making, maybe it is a good idea to join our efforts and clean our beautiful village together as we did last year?



Identity Theft

Identity theft problem in KentBecause of the higher amount of identity theft cases, prevention is really critical. Many victims are not even aware that they have been targeted until months after the crime has happened. You might be applying for a re-mortgage and discover that your great credit score has been ruined by a criminal. This time lag gives the scammer a head start at spending all of your hard-earned money. Be vigilant about protecting your personal information, don’t reply to any suspicious emails or click any links, keep your computer secure and always destroy paper statements or bills – never throw them away as one piece of paper.

Conservatives February Newsletter

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Christmas and New Year’s wishes.

Borough Green Library

Borough Green Library

KCC plans to reduce number of working hours in most of the Libraries around Kent. This also includes Borough Green Library as Council is planning to cut 12 out of 40 leaving our library open for 28 hours per week if they decide to go ahead with this plan.

Please check consultation document and easy read version of it.



Plans to convert M26 to lorry park.

As a resident of Borough Green and local councillor I am completely devastated by the information about plans of converting M26 into lorry park in case of no deal Brexit.
Last week I’ve met with Sir Michael Fallon and we spoke about our local issues.
We had a short conversation about the Junction 5 Slip Road and discussed both the problems and possible solutions. Then afterwards we exchanged couple of emails including M26 issue.
As he admitted he was shocked with this news as this problem will also hit his constituency.

The plan, which was not disclosed to local councillors or MP’s and kept secret by Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling until hours before work began on Wednesday, will see the M26 motorway closed overnight up to Christmas while the roadworks take place.

This is terrible news especially for people living in Borough Green and surrounding area. We are already suffering from lack of Junction 5 Slip Road and our village has incredible high volume of traffic throughout A25 corridor.

I think people do not realise yet that we might end up with the biggest lorry car park in Europe and  possibly UK Border Agency next to our homes, gardens and schools.

I do understand frustration of my MP Tom Tugendhat. We are working together and campaign for junction 5 slip road as Tom was very keen to it. He wrote to Secretary of Transport in this matter and supported our community. Now it is clear to me that possible closing of M26 for Brexit lorry stacking is the real reason why they have dropped the J5 slip discussion with him and kept their plans in secret until last Wednesday. In my opinion this is low blow and only shows how poor service provides us our Secretary of Transport Chris Grayling who I am urging to reverse his premature decision as he will completely destroy people’s life in this area.

Imagine all the lorries coming from Hastings and Tunbridge Wells A21 plus from Westerham A25, both towards the Sevenoaks and Bessel Green.
Lorries cannot exit off these roads onto the M26 eastbound towards Maidstone as there is no slip road!
So how would they join the lorry park? All the traffic will end up in our villages on A25.

We are only small village which now must fight not only with local plans of mass housing called Borough Green Garden City but also face the fact that M26 might be transformed to UK’s biggest lorry park. The irony of the situation in which we find ourselves today should be evident for all to see.

Ever wondered how your Council Tax is spent by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council? Here is the answer:

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How your council tax is spent?

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My name is Bartosz Wlodarczyk and I’m Borough Green Councillor. I do care about the future of our beautiful village and people living here.

I am the member of:

*Basted Mill Public Open Space Committee

*The Parish Partnership Panel Committee

*Joint Parish Councils Transport Consultative Group Committee

*Borough Green Traffic Action Group

*Kent County Council Volunteer Support Warden for Seal

*Governor at Grange Park School, Wrotham